Quinta da Rica-Fé
Rural tourism just outside Bragança


Services provided

Five bedrooms

The Amoreiras House, 300 years old, is surrounded by gardens and has five rooms with private bathroom - four double rooms and one family room.


The breakfast is continental - with coffee, milk, tea, fresh bread, homemade cake orange, kiwi, fruit of the day is served in the morning.


Allows guests to take advantage of liberating peace provided by the singing of birds, the observation of flora and fauna and stars.


You can hiking in the farm, visiting the riverside, the dam, the schist quarry, walk bike, use the indoor soccer field, etc.

Culture and History

Located 200m in the north of the city, and 1500m from the historical centerand the museums of Bragança. You may also visit the traditional villages of the Montesinho Natural Park, Douro River Park and Tua River Park.


We have conditions and space for organizing events for groups up to 50 people.


Historic information about the property.

  • XIII century

    The origin of the property's name

    The name of the Quinta RICA-FÉ is mentioned already in 1258 in the Afonsine Ordinations. It is formed by the combination of Rich with Faith (Saint Foi). Dona Rica, daughter of the Duke of Poland was queen of Castile (from 1152 to 1157). Saint Foi de Agen is venerated in the Abbey of Conques, in the French Pyrenees

  • XIII century - XV century

    Tradition of Agriculture and Livestock

    Around 1225 the Cistercian monks of Granja de Moreiruela, in Zamora, acquired this farm for their own production of food products, raising sheep and introduced improved water use and sustainable agroforestry. This purchase will be sponsored by Infanta Teresa Sanches from Portugal. They administered the farm and many others they owned in the municipalities of Bragança and Miranda do Douro for 200 years

  • XVI century - XVIII century


    In 1571 the Jesuits obtained royal authorization to buy this property to private individuals for their own production of food products, raising sheep. It was also used as weekend residence for teachers of the University College of Jesus, from the city of Bragança. They build a granite fountain dating back to 1742. They administered this property for 200 years, until 1759, when they abandoned Portugal after persecution by the Marques of Pombal.

  • XVIII century - XXI century

    Current owners

    The King divided its properties in several farms. This property was acquired by the sixth grandfather of the current owners in 1780 at auction. Since then it has been in the possession of the family.

  • XX century - XXI century


    “Hop cultivation began in 1960. Hops are an element used in brewing. Over 40 years, 6ha have been progressively installed. Market conditions have determined the culture in 2001. The memory of the culture is preserved and can be resumed."

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Geographic coordinates

41.82184, -6.75400

41°49'18,624"N 6°45'14,4"W

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You can reach us through:

+351 967 574 179

+351 969 325 439

We are on the north side of Bragança, accessible through the major road IP4, at km 217

Quinta da Rica-Fé

5300-245 Bragança, Portugal


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